MyWebcam - iPhone/iPad

Live List Section

What is the Live List?

The Live List is an alphabetical list of currently live cameras belonging to My Webcam users around the world.

You can choose whether or not your camera is password protected
or if you want it to show up on the list from the Broadcaster.

Only cameras that are set to show on the live list will appear on the Live List.

How do I use it?

Simply tap a camera's name to view it's live stream.
Some cameras are password protected, you will need to enter the password & press login to access them.

You can browse the list by scrolling up & down, or you can tap a letter on the side to jump straight to the cameras beginning with that letter.

(For more information on viewing cameras, see the View Webcam section)

What do the icons mean?

- A normal webcam (cannot be moved)

- A pan/tilt webcam (can be moved using the App)

- A normal webcam that is locked (you will need a password to view)

- A pan/tilt webcam that is locked (you will need a password to view)

Live List Options

To see the different Live List options available press the "Options" button on the top left hand side of the Live List.

The Options are:-
View All Cams - This will show you all the live cameras, including those password protected.

View Unlocked Cams - This will show you only the cameras that are NOT password protected. This is the default view, and is excellent for browsing cameras.

View Pan/Tilt Cams - This will show you all the cameras that can be moved from the App. Including those that are password protected.

Reload Live List - Users are regularly turning their broadcasters on & off. This will refresh the Live List with the currently ON cameras. Showing you the most up-to-date list.
(Users with the My Webcam App running in the background may want to do this to ensure they are getting the best from the Live List.)

Live List Tip

While the iPad is in portrait view (home button at bottom of screen) the live list can be moved on & off the screen away from the camera view.
You can do this by swiping left & right over the list or by pressing the button.

MyCam Section

What is MyCam?

The MyCam section is an area for you to log directly in to your camera(s).
You must be running your My Webcam Broadcaster to log in.

How do I use it?

Enter your My Webcam username & password
(the ones that you set up when you registered).

You can choose to save these details or not, by tapping the check box
(saving them makes logging in easier in the future).

Then tap the "Login" button. Your camera(s) should appear.

Press the "SignOut" button to log back out again.

I have more than one camera

If you have multiple broadcasters running, using the same account (same username) they will appear as a list of thumbnail images of the cams.

Tap the camera image to see the live stream, and tap "Back" to return to the list again.

To set up multiple broadcasters on the same account you must be using My Webcam 2.0

View Webcam Section

What is the Camera View?

Once you tap a camera on the livelist, or when you log in to a camera through the My Cam section you will see the Camera View.

The camera view contains all the different components of a camera broadcast & allows you to interact with the camera remotely.

It presents you with the webcam's live stream & the webcam's archive (if it is turned on).

As well as allowing you to move the camera (if it is a pan/tilt webcam), to switch between cams (if you have multiple webcams on one computer) & to save snapshots from the camera to your device.

How do I use it?

The camera view has many different sections and offers a number of different controls & features.

Such as:-
- Viewing the Live Stream
- Enlarging the Camera Image
- Moving Cameras
- Changing between Cams
- Saving Snapshots
- Viewing the Archive
- Deleting from the Archive

(See below for more information on how to do these)

Viewing the Live Stream

Once you open the Camera View you will be shown the Live Stream as default.
If you open the Archive you can get back to the Live Stream by pressing the "My Webcam" tab.

Enlarging the Camera Image

Press the button to increase the camera's image size.
(The smaller size is currently the default when you open the Camera View)

Moving Cameras

Some of the cameras can be moved.
If a camera can be moved you will see the icon.
(Currently only the Logitech Orbit/Sphere & the Creative Live! Motion webcams can be moved using My Webcam.)

Swiping your finger left, right, up & down will move the camera in that direction.
(Some slower cams will need a few seconds for the movements to show up on the Live Stream.)

Changing between Cameras

Webcam 2.0 lets you broadcast more than one camera from your computer.
However only on can be viewed at a time.

To change between the multiple cameras press the button.
You will then see a list of the available cameras.
Tap a camera name to change to that camera.

Saving Snapshots

You can save an image from the webcam's Live Stream by pressing the button.
The image will be saved to your photos folder.

Viewing the Archive

If the webcam has an Archive, then you will see the "Archive" tab.

Tap on the tab, to open up the Archive Section.

Once it is opened the Archive will begin to load.
The Archive consists of a series of thumbnail images & a primary image.

You can view any of the thumbnail images in the larger view simply by tapping them.

Pressing the play button will play the archive as a time delay movie, running through the archive from the currently selected image.
It will run in a loop until paused or you until you close the Archive section.

Deleting from the Archive

While logged in to your own camera in the "My Cam" section, you will have the ability to delete Archive images.

Once the Archive is opened (for the first time) you must wait until all the Archive thumbnail images have loaded.
(You can view the cam's live stream while you wait, but do not hit "Back" or "Sign Out")

Once the images have loaded you will see the button.
Press this button & then tap on the buttons you wish to delete.

Each image you tap will have a on it, to keep track of what you are deleting.
Tap it again to unselect it.

Once you have selected all the images you wish to delete tap the button.

The Archive images will then be deleted from the server & you will recieve a confirmation message.

(If you do not want to delete any images, make sure no images are selected, tap the button, & it will return to the normal Archive.)

Timelapse Video

How do I create a timelapse video?

You can set up My Webcam to take a snap every 5-35 minutes. 288 snaps is the maximum that can be used for one timelapse video. This is a timelapse created of 48 hours - 1 week of footage.

To set this up you have to use the My Webcam Broadcaster PC app. You open the settings section of the broadcaster and select the archive tab. In there you will have to turn the archive on.

Also you need to select how often you want an image to be archived with the maximum amount being 288 images. The options you have are as follows:

• 5 mins - This takes 24 hours to reach the limit.
• 10 mins - This takes 48 hours to reach the limit.
• 20 mins - This takes 4 days to reach the limit.
• 30 mins - This takes 6 days to reach the limit.
• 35 mins - This takes 1 week to reach the limit.

Once you have changed these settings you can click save to finish.

Note: You do not have to reach the limit to be able to create a timelapse video.

The next step is to actually create the timelapse video, once your archive has got images in there. This can be done from within the mobile app itself.

Once you have opened the mobile app you will have to navigate to the My Cams section of the app and log in using the details you created on the broadcaster. After you have successfully logged in, click on the archive button to go to your archive.

The archive will begin to load and you can see how many images have been loaded and how many images there are in total. This information is located at the bottom of the screen below the images that have been loaded. Once all of the images have been downloaded a 'Save Archive' button will appear. Clicking this will start to create a timelapse video of all of the downloaded images and save it your device Photo Stream.

If you open the Photo Stream of the deivce you will now see a timelapse video of your archive which you can now share via FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Email or even embed it in a Blog.