Panasonic Cams - iPhone/iPad

Camera Grid / List

Switch between grid and list?

You can switch between the grid and list using the Options menu. The default view is grid view.

Grid View

Up to six camera previews are displayed on the screen.

If you have more than six cameras the remaining cameras are on different pages which you can swipe between.

Double tap a preview or press the button to bring up the live view.

Double tap the live view or press the button to return.

List View

Your cameras are listed on a table.

Each entry has a preview image.

Tap an entry on the list to open the preview.

Double tap a preview or press the button to bring up the live view.

Double tap the live view or press the button to return.

Tab Bar & Nav Bar in Landscape View

To view the Tab Bar & Navigation Bar while the iPhone/iPad is in Landscape mode, you will need to double tap the screen.
The bars will slide into view.

What do the icons do?

- Pause(pause the current camera live stream).

- Play(play the current camera live stream).

- Save Snapshot(save a snapshot of the stream to your device).

- Record(record a clip from the stream and save it to your device).

- Presets(camera movement presets).

- Settings(change the settings of the camera, for example IP Address).

- Expand View(expand a thumbnail to view the stream in a bigger window).

- Decrease Size(decrease the size of the stream window and display the grid of 6).

- Enable Audio(this will tell you if the camera supports audio, you can tap this to enable the audio).

- Pan/Tilt Enabled(this lets you know if the camera supports pan/tilt).

Options Menu

View List / Grid

This option switches between the list view and the grid view.

View Help

This option launches this help web page.

Load Demo Cams

This button will load some demo cameras from our website. Note some demo cams may not function.

Organize Cams

This button will switch to a list view where you can edit the position of the cameras in your list.

Move cameras by holding the icon on the right of the table entry and moving it up or down.

Press finish to confirm your changes.

In-App Purchase

This allows you to purchase additional functions for the app.

The two options available:

+Other Cams - Adds support for other IP camera models.
+Edge Storage - Allows the app to access SD card storage on compatible Axis Cams.


You can add and edit groups with this option. Groups allow you to organize similar cameras together for easy access.

Auto-Detect Cams

This button will try to find any cameras on the same LAN as the iOS device and add them to the app.


Configure app settings here.

Settings available:

+PTZ Settings - Switches the direction of the movement when you swipe.
+App Password - Allows you to PIN protect the whole app when it launches.

Add Cams

Add a Camera to the app

Pressing the Add Camera button will bring up the add camera view.

To add a camera to the app you need an IP address/domain name and a port(the default port is 80).

Enter your details and press save to test the connection and add the camera.

Other optional options are available:

+Camera Number - if you have a multiport encoder entering the number here will allow you to view a different port.
+Use HTTPS - tries to connect over HTTPS for a secure connection.
+Use RTSP - Streams H264 video(and audio is available) over RTSP.