World Cams - Android


What are the categories?

When you launch World Cams you are presented with 6 different images each representing a category.

The category you choose will act as a filter and only show you cameras of that category.

To gain access to the categories from other parts of the app you can press the icon.

The six categories you can choose from are:

Cities - This will show cams from famous cities around the world.

Scenery - This will show different places around the world(mountains, hilltops).

Aqua - This show will cameras from around the world aimed towards water.

Animals - This will show cameras from different places involving animals(Animal Shelters, Training Centers).

People - This will show places from around the world visited by a lot of people(Town Center, Sport Stadiums).

Unique - This will show cameras from around the world which do not fall under any of the above categories.

You can scroll between the different pages of cameras by using the forward/back icons on the menu bar:

- Forward(moves forward through the pages).

- Back(moves back through the pages).

Add Camera

How do I add a camera?

You can add a camera by tapping the icon from the main screen.

You will be presented with a list of different types of cameras. You must choose the type that matches your camera from the list.

To add a camera to the app you need an IP address/domain name and a port(the default port is 80). Some cameras may also require a Username/Password.

Once you've completed all the details you can tap the 'Save' button and it will save the details and test the connection.

My Cams

What is My Cams?

To access the My Cams section of the app you can tap the icon.

The My Cams section is where all of the cameras that you have manually added will appear.

They appear in a grid view exactly like the cameras do throughout the rest of the app.

If you tap on a camera you will taken to the Live Stream of that camera.

The Camera View

What is The Camera View?

Once you tap a camera from the My Cams section you will gain access to the camera.

The camera view contains all the different components of a camera broadcast & allows you to interact with the camera remotely.

Within the camera view you are presented with 3 buttons along the side:

- Back (this will take you back to the previous screen of the app).

- Edit(this will allow you to edit the camera details, for example IP Address).

- Delete(this will remove the camera you are currently viewing from your camera list).

Moving the Camera

The camera can be moved from within the app(if your camera supports it).

Swiping your finger left, right, up & down will move the camera in that direction.