Bean Counter Maximus

BCM is an Industry 4.0 server product that collates count data from sensors and finished goods tester systems.

Data Input

BCM is designed to work in conjunction with PC based Finished Goods Testers, EyeSpyFX IPIO units or EpiSensor devices.

Information Output

BCM organises this data into counts by:

  • Product type
  • SKU
  • Serial number
  • Production line number
  • Failed processes
  • Passed processes
  • Fail reasons
  • Time interval
This information is presented on a web page. Custom web pages to suit production engineers, Quality Control Engineers, Factory Managers and stock room controllers are presented using login criteria.

General Arrangement

BCM is built on a Dell Power Edge server running Linux. It is normally installed on the customer premises and given a fixed IP address. Queries to the BCM are made using that address from any PC or Mobile device on the same LAN.

Data derived from any query can be exported as CSV or as an Excel file.

Line Count Viewers (LCV)

Line Count viewers comprise of an enclosed Android tablet (in kiosk mode) and an LCV app. The LCV app calls the BCM server and displays daily line count information such as Daily Live Pass and Fail numbers. Because the LCV queries the BCM rather than the counting PC application or sensors it does not place any additional computational stress on mission critical production line equipment.


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