SFX100 is a library of code that enables iOS and Android apps to be built that decode and display MJPEG, H264 video using RTSP over TCP, RTSP over HTTP and RTSP over HTTPS. It is ideal for building apps that connect to Network Video Recorders, VMS and VSaaS systems.

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For Alarm Response Centres and Video Alarm Installers IPIO is an I/O controller and mobile app that allows end user to remotely arm/disarm, open close security systems.

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IPIO Keypad

IPIO Keypad is an application that can be installed to a wall mounted tablet. It allows the user to remotely arm/disarm I/O devices, replacing traditional keypads.

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BCM is an Industry 4.0 server product that collates count data from sensors and finished goods tester systems.

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IoT End of Line Tester (IoT_EoLT)

Customised End of Line tester software for advanced IoT manufacturing.

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